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Did you received my message?


 Hello Friend,

This is a call for humanitarian service for the poor  and the low privileged in your country and the entire world, your acceptance and wiliness to receive this fund and help share it as instructed by me will help to uplift the poor spirit of those crying for help in world and the low privileged. I am Mrs. Mercy Nkrumah I'm a divorced wife of formal Late President Nkrumah of Ghana; I am 55 years old; unfortunately I have been suffering from a long time cancer of the brain and breast which has affected my moral ability recently. 

The cancer has reached a critical stage, so my doctors have courageously advised me to live the best of my life knowing that my aliment is terminal.Please Help me distribute my inheritance worth $15,700,000.00 USD to the poor and less privileged As a dying widow living for nothing I intend to contribute my inheritance of $15,700,000.00 USD ( Fifteen Million Seven Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) for good will poor and less privileged.

Can I count on you that you will disburse the fund with all fairness to all quarters responsible for the relief efforts going on in Haiti. If I can truly trust you please get back to me for further discussion through my personal email :

As soon as I receive your mail,we shall further our discussions for the best interest of the poor and less privileged people in your area.

Thanks and God bless you,
Mercy Nkrumah.

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