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Good day!

Pardon me for using this medium to contact you for the first time but I do hope that we can establish an understanding relationship based on mutual gains.
My name is Mr. Spencer Dale, I work with Bank of England. I am contacting you regarding the sum of GBP 5,000,000 deposited by a deceased client at a deposit storage vault here in England. The deposit was made in the year 2009 and his unfortunate death transpired on August 8th 2012. After proper identification of his body, I immediately notified the deposit firm and launched an investigation into possible surviving family relatives to alert about the situation and receive the funds from the deposit firm. Till date, my search has proved abortive.

According to the recent notice from the deposit storage vaults and his Bank; failing to receive viable claims, they shall declare the deposit unserviceable and remit to the government reserve thus, the portfolio would be out of reach. I have contacted you in good fate as someone I can confide in to help receive these funds, acting as a close relative of my deceased client. I will provide you with more information. Please affirm your willingness to work with me while you provide your direct phone and fax numbers.

I am looking forward to your positive reply.

Consulta tu Recibo Telmex en linea FACTURA URGENTE

Consulta tu Recibo Telmex

Estimado Cliente

Te informamos que el saldo al corte de la lнnea Telmex es de $25.00, la fecha lнmite de pago es el 10-10-2014.

Tu Recibo Telmex mбs reciente ya estб disponible para consultarlo a travйs de 
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Factura Descargar Archivo Adjunto

Gracias por consultar nuestros servicios en lнnea.
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